Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eating around the world

I have one last post to write to wrap up our wild New York weekend. We ate our way around the city and around the world.

First stop- Pret a Manger. I *love* this place. Found it first when I visited London many moons ago- it's just a sandwich shop but it's so fresh and they're dedicated to quality products.

We enjoyed two small bites- I got a tomato and cheese and Nick enjoyed a bacon and egg. So simple and so good.

Got hungry while we were at the Met. That place is a racket! We split a sub-par turkey sandwich, drink, and chips. I was unimpressed, but better food was on the way.

We feasted on some sushi at Umi Sushi. Reasonably priced and fresh! We had a cucumber/avocado roll, spicy tuna roll, california roll, and....a deep fried roll! Also pictured is the free and tasty crab salad they give you. Two thumbs up!

A trip to NY would not be complete without a bagel. We tracked down Murray's Bagels and split a pumpernickel bagel with lox spread. Chewy and flavorful- how do they do it? Bagels really are not as good outside of the Empire State.

Post-bagel noshing included a trip to Chinatown.

Can you believe we actually did not get pork chops here? Sacrilege!

I got the mushrooms over rice. This had a funky texture- something was UP with these shrooms.

I also got the world's BIGGEST bowl of hot and sour soup. Pretty good.

These spicy dumplings ROCKED. I *heart* dumplings.

Dessert was a trip to the Cafe Roma for cannolis and espresso. There was something special about these cannolis...ginger, maybe? Gosh, these were good.

We also ate some Salvadoran food in the Bronx- no pictures 'cause we ate too fast!

Gotta love traveling and New York...even when you stay in one city, you can still eat your way around the world.

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