Friday, February 4, 2011

New York State of Mind

The empire state and I are colliding all week.

First, my BFFLTDDUP (best friend for life til death do us part) rode in to town on Saturday all the way from Long Island. I wined her and dined her on the Potato and Mushroom Gratin and the husband treated us to a beer tasting. We sampled Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti and Don de Dieu. Major chocolate flavor in the Yeti- that is a stout that will put hair on your chest. If you're into that sort of thing.

The Don de Dieu was tasty, but better on tap. We first tried it at The Publick House- they serve french fries in a paper bag! You must go.

Bought both beer a few weeks ago at the Craft Beer Cellar. That place totally rocks! They have tons of beers on the shelves and a wide selection in the fridge. The ladies there are super knowledgeable, but let you browse at your own pace. I see more beer in my future.

After all that beer drinking, we needed a day of moderation and healthy living...NOT! We ate mad brunch at the S&S Deli and then feasted on cheese and chocolate at The Melting Pot. Do I know how to feed a girl or what?

The good times will continue to roll this week when the husband and I take Manhattan! We're staying in style at the Holiday Inn Express- holla at ya free breakfast! Then we'll skip over to the Bronx and crash with a friend there. Shows will be watched, pizza will get ate, walking will be had by all!

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