Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Tale of Two Cupcakes

Some people travel to see art and immerse themselves in another culture.

I travel to eat.

All that other stuff is great and I do that, too. But really, I move around this world in search of my next great meal. This weekend in New York City definitely delivered some seriously tasty eats.

First up- cupcakes.

We stumbled upon the Rockefeller center location of the iconic Magnolia Cupcakes. These cupcakes were made famous by the gals of Sex and the City. Do they deserve their reputation??

Well....yes and no. The bakery is adorable and smells AMAZING. The staff were super friendly. The pumpkin pecan cheesecake with gingersnap crust rocked- it was creamy and spicy. The chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream...meh. The frosting was a bit stale and had a hint of...dare I say it? Crisco. The cake lacked true chocolate flavor and was so fluffy it fell apart. My socks were not rocked, though obviously we managed to eat all of both treats. Troopers, I tell you!

Next up- Crumbs! We didn't go looking for this cupcakery either, but found it on our walk home from the Met. Survey says....?

We have a winner! The staff were also super friendly and rooted for me when we farkled (rock paper scissors) to choose the cupcake! I won. SO yum. Out of all of the delights, we chose the Oreo cupcake. Extra chocolate-y cake, sturdy enough to handle all of the uber-buttery cookies and cream frosting. Hooray for cupcake victory!


  1. How cool! Neat experience and yummy looking treats! :-)

  2. I know- how can you go wrong with a cupcake?

  3. Welcome to Boston Food Bloggers! Your blog is wonderful, looking forward to following you! Those cupcakes are adorable!! :)

  4. Thank you- excited to read all the awesome Boston-based blogs!