Monday, March 14, 2011

Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies

In February, I traveled back to the great state of Texas, land of my youth, for a quick visit. I stayed with my Aunt Laura, Uncle Dan, and cousin, Grace. They are a lovely bunch with a healthy appetite for good food and fun.

Food and fun: a case study
Cookies made from this recipe at the

My grandmother, Meeno, had a thing for trolls. Aunt Laura carries on the tradition of troll-love.

Teenagers who make cookies at 9 pm on a Sunday kick ass. I speak from experience.

Best.cookies.ever. Make them now. They remind me of a similar batch my bestie SayBay and I made in high school- chocolate chip cookies with crushed up thin mints in them. It's Girl Scout cookie time- get to baking, kids!


  1. Hey, my kitchen is famous! Those really were good cookies ... and a GREAT time was had by all. Love you!!!

  2. Your kitchen totally rocks. Love me an island- jealous!