Friday, February 11, 2011

You make me feel so young

I keep waiting to feel like a grown up. Am I the only one?

I do all types of grown up things like pay a mortgage, save for retirement, go to bed early.

But my favorite food is marshmallows! That can't be a good sign. Shouldn't I be into foie gras by now?

My inner child got all kinds of play time in NYC.

We saw Mary Poppins- it totally rocked! Mary P is such a bad ass. Plus, you get rum punch in a sippy cup at the theatre- SCORE!

We visited the Lego store.

What up, Atlas?

We posed with silly objects.

I pretended to meet Matt Lauer.
It's not looking good for me and adulthood. I may be perpetually 12 years old on the inside. At least I'm fun at a costume party.

This would be my interpretation of the cupcake, as shown on New Years Eve 2010.


  1. No, definitely NOT the only one. It's scary for me to think that I'm the adult in the house. I feel so NOT ready to be the adult even when my oldest kid is 14, now THAT is scary! And the places you visited in NY would have been at the top of my list too. How cool to get to go see "Mary Poppins"! Love that!

  2. Glad there's a "real" adult who feels this way, too!