Monday, January 9, 2012

Tangerine Olive Oil Cake

Before the kitchen closed, I needed to send it off with a bang. Tangerine Olive Oil Cake to the rescue! I made a double batch of Cafe Fernando's Clementine and Olive Oil Cake substituting tangerines for clementines.

Cast of characters: granulated sugar mixed with tangerine zest- this smelled AMAZING, eggs, flour, baking powder, salt, extra virgin olive oil (I used the Spanish one from Trader Joe's- it's got a great fruity flavor)

Plus tangerine juice! I had to use up the tangerines I bought- they had SO many seeds in each segment. They were inedible. I ended up using all 15 tangerines to get 2 cups of tangerine juice. Talk about a sticky situation!

A double recipe gave me a 9-inch round cake and 6 mini bundt cakes.

I sprinkled the round cake with powdered sugar- note the weird splotches. This is what happens when your sifter is wet- it drips! Oops.

I glazed the mini bundts with a tangerine/lemon drizzle. This was my favorite way to eat it and it kept the cake moist even two days later. Yum!

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