Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frozen Fenway

What an awesome treat! Nick and I went to the Frozen Fenway hockey tournament yesterday. It was a double header- Boston College High School vs. Catholic Memorial High School and Northeastern University vs. Boston College.

We were lucky enough to be invited to sit in the luxury box with some of Nick's co-workers. It was amazing! Not sure I can go back to the bleachers...I kid, I kid.

It was seriously swanky. I totally felt like a little kid at her friend's parents house. I kept waiting for someone to ask me what exactly I was doing there- luckily, I played it cool and blended in with the rick folks.

The suite had a kitchenette and a full sitting area, with a flat screen in case you needed to catch up on some other TV watching during the game.

It was also fully catered and Fenway puts on an awesome spread! We enjoyed clam chowder, cheese pizza, Fenway franks, sausages, pepperoni pizza, Caesar salad, shrimp with cocktail sauce, popcorn, chips and dip, coffee, hot chocolate and whipped cream (!), brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. There was also a fridge full of soda and water. Beer and wine was served during the college games. Amazing!!

That would be me totally nerded out about the experience in the bathroom! There was a TV in there. Check out that 24 week belly- Nugget's getting big!

The suite was pregnant lady heaven. Easy access to the bathroom + an awesome view that I can enjoy from a heated room + all you can eat food + hockey = true love

Lots of people sat outside and there was stadium seating for them. With heaters above to keep them toasty, of course.

Once I pulled my crap together and stopped gawking at the suite, I used my all-access pass (from the best.husband.ever) to wander around Fenway Park. I even got to go onto the field!

In the Red Sox dugout!

Then it was time for some hockey!

BC High beat CM 4-0- woohoo!

Northeastern lost to BC- sad day for this Husky.

Totally a once in a lifetime experience- so grateful to be invited!

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