Monday, January 2, 2012

A preview of parties to come

Our good friends Mark and Angela had us over for New Year's Eve. Well, I kind of invited us over, but they were gracious enough to host. The evening started out promising- the four of us ate an entire bowl of guacamole in about 10 minutes. Mmm...avocados.

Then, we brought out the big guns...

Wouldn't be New Year's Eve without Chinese Food. Lucky Dragon provided us this feast and in only 15 minutes! That has to be some kind of December 31st record.

Served up in style...I think square food is underrated.

We ordered so much food that they sent everyone home with individually Ziploc-ed doggy bags- yum!

Unfortunately, we didn't last too long. Nick's been working on the kitchen non-stop (it's currently gutted to the studs) and I'm 22 weeks pregnant. At 9:30, we called it a night. By 10 o'clock, we were pajama-ed and passed out.

At least I looked party-ready for the three hours I was upright- my mother in law has good taste. This top was a Christmas present!

While this year was a far cry from years past (the infamous sangria debacle- all of our guests were drunk within 20 minutes), it was so nice to catch up with friends and eat some yummy food.

Because New Year's Eve may be hard to pull off for the next few years with the little ones on the way, plans for next year include a New Year's Day brunch at our house!

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