Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First snow

One, somewhat unusual, perk of our kitchen renovation is the fact that the dog run is blocked off with debris. That means that every time our silly monster needs to use the facilities we have to take him out on a leash. We swap off early morning, evening, and last potty duties (heh)

He is not a morning dog.

I say this is a perk because I've really been enjoying the early morning walks. It's so quiet and calm.

And then it finally snowed on Tuesday! And the morning walk got even better.

It snowed just enough to make everything gorgeous- clean and frosted.

This Texas girl still thinks snow is magical. I miss it this year. Plus, this was the only year I was going to get out of shoveling guilt-free. Missing out on pregnancy perks because of global warming- boo!

Saw these tracks outside...hopping three-toed sloth? What could it be?

And the husband cleaned off my car! What a guy- I am the luckiest!

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