Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little Christmas party

A little Christmas was had by all tonight! Nick and I wanted to have a Christmas party this year, but usually people get so busy before the holiday that it's hard to find a day that works for everyone. We solved this problem by having a Little Christmas party. Friday was Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings. Several cultures actually exchange gifts on Epiphany instead of December 25.

Nick custom designed some lovely invitations and we mailed them out with our Christmas cards to pretty much everyone we know. We hosted the party at the faculty dining hall where Nick works- it was a great space!

My mom sent me these tablecloths a year ago and I finally got to use them! They really added a nice touch.

We had a potluck- I love them because everyone we know has good taste in food! We had lots of delicious dishes: two kinds of macaroni and cheese, a huge antipasto plate, shepherd's pie, 7-layer dip, pesto chicken pasta, ziti and meatballs, chicken fingers, calzone, chili, and more that I'm forgetting.

This is after we ate- it was all so good! For dessert there were cookies and trifle.

We stocked the fridge with beer and soda.

After dinner, we had a Yankee Swap.

There were some crazy gifts- one family brought a live lobster on ice with a gift card!! I had to hold it up for all to see- should've gotten a picture. Other gifts included a mini-sewing machine, a 4-cup coffee maker, some limoncello, and a few sets of lottery tickets. It was a pretty good selection for a $20 limit. I got the game Catch Phrase- so fun- and Nick came home with a digital clock.

After the festivities, it was time to clean up. It's a school night after all so we wrapped up early.

Thankfully, we had some help!

It was a fun night and hopefully a new tradition was born. There were a few wee ones there this year, but next year our parties will be crawling with babies. Fun times!

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