Sunday, April 3, 2011

Smashed Banana Sandwich

I've been running a lot lately, training for the Run to Remember Half Marathon at the end of May. I'm relatively new to running, but have been exercising pretty regularly for the last few years. I made the connection last winter that more exercise = less stress so I've been pretty hooked since.

My favorite pre- and post-run fuel is bananas + peanut butter + toast. The combination gives me all the carbs, protein, and fat that I need to power through a tough workout.

Plus, it's delicious.

It won't, however, give you enough energy to stay awake after you run 5 miles and then go to a 1:15 minute power yoga class- napping is a must.

Pretty proud of my five miles this morning- my longest run in weeks. I won't lie- there was some walking going on. Still not sure I understand how someone can keep their body running for more than 3 miles at a time- how is that even possible??

Anyways, this version is a bit fancier and probably a little too exciting to be eaten before a workout. No one likes a gurgly tummy while exercising. Ouch.

To make this version, smash up one ripe banana with a couple tablespoons of your favorite nut butter. Toast bread, smear smashed up banana on the toast and top with apple slices. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon for flair and an added anti-inflammatory bonus!

Another combination I tried this week- toast topped with pumpkin pie spice almond butter (my one true love), apple slices, and sharp cheddar. Broil to melt the cheese and devour. YUM!

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