Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run, Betty, Run

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I've been a running fool these days. I started training for a half-marathon back in December and despite a few setbacks I've been steadily gaining endurance and strength.

Tracking my progress in an Excel spreadsheet makes me a huge nerd, but it is also super satisfying. I started off logging 7.1 miles in my first week and on track to run 19 this week! In total, I've logged 109.6 miles since December 27- give or take a mile or two. This is nothing short of a miracle, especially considering I was the girl walking the mile in 4th grade while my tyrant of a P.E. coach yelled at me. Cue the tears.

How could you yell at that face?? I miss those blond, tan days. (Full disclosure- I'm like 5 in this picture. Not 9. Just age this cuteness by a few years and make my hair darker. Got it? That's me at 9.)

I ran my first 5k back in October in the world's worst running shoes. Well, technically they are cross-trainers, so it's not their fault that they caused massive knee pain. In November I bought a pair of Nike Frees which I loved. However, after months of training, it was time to upgrade.

The Husband and I visited the Greater Boston Running Company at the Derby Street Shops in Hingham on Monday to get me some new sneaks. I bought a running jacket from them in January and loved their awesome customer service. This time was no different. Sales dude took tons of time to get to know my running style and feet- did you know that my left leg may be shorter than my right?? Me either. And I'm a wicked bad supinator. It was a thoroughly enlightening trip.

I left with a pair of Asics Gel-Speed Star 5 in Turquoise, size 9.5. Big feet run in my family, as does a tendency to laugh extremely loudly and at inopportune times. Just saying.

You can find them here.

Kicked some serious asphalt in these this morning- ran two miles at a 10:22 pace. Clearly, I'm never going to qualify for Boston but I sure do love running. Especially in the morning before work. Helps me not smack people.

Post-run time was spent doing a whole lot of stretching and some yoga poses.

Gill really likes to participate in yoga time. His favorite pose is downward dog, though he does a mean upward dog, too. But his new favorite pose??

Pigeon! Check out his back leg! The dog is ridiculous and strangely supportive. Thanks bud!

Time for breakfast- oats with pear, flax, chia, and almond butter and a shower! In that order.

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  1. haha the dog is hilarious! he just wants to be INVOLVED. he probably was competely unaware he was photobombing.