Friday, July 8, 2011

Rock Art Brewery

Wine and cheese is so passe! Nothing goes better with some Vermont cheddar than a delicious beer. Magic Hat, Long Trail, Otter Creek, and Harpoon are just a couple of the awesome breweries in Vermont.

Rock Art Brewery is in quaint Morrisville, VT. Over the holiday weekend, my in-laws, Nick, and I visited their new facilities. It's a far cry from their other location- which was conveniently located behind a machine shop and amidst piles of tires. We found that place 4 years ago and were sure we'd stumbled upon a gem. Or that we were going to be crushed by a dump truck.

The new digs are homey and spacious. While we didn't go on a tour of the facilities, the tasting room/retail shop featured good brew and friendly people. $4 got us a taste of four beers + a tasting glass = score!

First up was the White Tail Ale. From the website "Our golden American ale has a crisp body and slightly dry, hoppy finish. This is a real treat for the beer lover. Pale, wheat and torrified wheat malts are used with Northern Brewer and Mt. Hood hops."

I gotta say, this was probably my least favorite but that's probably only because I like my beer dark and malty.

Next up, American Red. "The unofficial name for this beer is “Super Glide”. Malty rich with a hint of spicy hops and roasted grains. This beer is one smooth ride with a clean finish! We brewed this one with American Pale, oats, flaked barley, black, chocolate, red malt, melandolin malt. American hops include Magnum, Centennial, Liberty and Crystal. Enjoy!"

Much better. This was the beer we fell in love with 4 years ago and the one that brought us back today.

Third on the list was the IPA. Not too bitter and a great flavor. I've really started to like IPAs lately.

Last, but definitely not least, was the Ridge Runner. This barleywine is smooth and flavorful and a favorite of all of us!

A quick trip around the store left us with a pint glass and a 6-pack of Ridge Runner. Time to go back to Elmore State Park!

One hot and very happy Betty.

Best way to transport beer between campsites? A collapsed Houndabout trailer. Not just for dogs anymore.

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