Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kicking it old school

I had some good old fashioned fun this 4th of July in the Green Mountain State.

I can literally feel the stress leave my body when we cross the state line. Something about Vermont just does it for me- big time. It's like Norman Rockwell designed the whole state just to remind me of a simpler time.

Simple, however, does not mean lame.

Do these lawn chair drill team ladies look lame to you? Don't let those Birkenstocks fool you- they've got rhythm.

Or this hooked up John Deere/couch-mobile?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Moscow, VT says "What up, world's shortest 4th of July parade!?"

That's a girl riding a toilet/mower. Awesomesauce.

This weekend didn't just include the cultural highlights of Vermont. No, no. Copious amounts of fresh, delicious food where also eaten.

Simple eats are where it's at on the 4th.

The kind ladies of the First Congregational Church of Morrisville make a mean strawberry shortcake. Complete with real whipped cream, obviously.

Strawberry shortcake = opposite o' lame

More goodies awaited at the Stowe fireworks festivities- vendors galore!

Falafel sandwich from Farah's of Burlington.

Wood fired pizza- fresh ricotta, tomato, basil, garlic.

Beef brisket sandwich, coleslaw, and beans from Carbeque- as seen in blogs past.

The whole spread- Betty's gotta eat, right?

Even Gilligan got to enjoy some way-back fun- the sprinkler! Although, I think Nick got wetter than the dog.

All we needed to complete the idyllic scene was a bit of bluegrass.

And a sunset.

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