Sunday, July 31, 2011

A chocolate tour of Ireland

They say it's important for you to eat a country's food in order to get a sense of their culture and history. I take this kind of deep exploration seriously. Very seriously.

While Cadbury is technically a British company, they make a lot of chocolate in Ireland. And that's where we ate it. A whole lot of it. I would say we average a candy bar or two a day- split between us.

The Moro has a biscuit covered in chocolate covered in caramel. Definitely top 3.

The Toffee Crisp was all right. Not a lot of toffee flavor but it had some rice krispy-like action.

Galaxy chocolate ROCKS. Apparently it's Dove in a new outfit. YUM.

The Double Decker was sticky, messy goodness. I found bit of Double Decker on my purse, my pants, even my passport. No joke! We ate this nougat-y gem while waiting for our plane at the Connemara airport.

At a fancy farmer's market we picked up this local goody. It tasted like buttah.

These were not Eclairs. Not even a little. They sit on a throne of lies! But they were kind of tasty. Like soft Werther's with chocolate in the middle.

Ugh. This was not good. Apparently Turkish Delight is made with rosewater. Didn't taste like any roses I'd ever smelled. More like funky gym socks.

We set aside the candy bars just for one quick minute in Kilkenny- for 50p we got a day old chocolate cake filled with raspberry frosting. Yum!

Cute little cafe in Dublin where we had the best hot chocolate ever. Weird that it's hot chocolate weather in Dublin right now. Woo summer!

Nick's fave was the Twirl- a chocolate covered flake. An intense chocolate experience, indeed.

And...just to prove we didn't just eat chocolate, check this out. I rounded out my diet with some amazing salt and vinegar Tayto's. Gotta have that salt to go with the sweet!

Here's my one true love- the Crunchie. Honeycomb covered chocolate...delicious.

So what did I learn through my culinary adventure through Ireland?

Chocolate is good, no matter where you are on the globe.

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