Monday, November 8, 2010

Scarier than mayonnaise at a picnic

On Halloween, the husband and I did something very frightening.

We ran a 5K.

Now, that may not be scary to the seasoned athletes out there, but the Husband and I share the humbling childhood memories of being picked last for dodge ball. And flag football. And tag. And Red Rover. Know what the common denominator in all those games is?

Coordination. (And speed.)

At the ripe old ages of 27 and 26, we decided to dig deep and deal with our childhood issues. We started running. And got kind of into it. I run 3-4 times a week now. I KNOW!

To celebrate all of our running, we signed up for the Canton Fall Classic 5K which was held on October 31. We saw one lady running the 10K in a Batgirl costume- holy vinyl chafing!

Started the morning around 7:30 with PB&J on a whole wheat English muffin and coffee with almond milk. Downed a glass of water, too.

Donned some orange socks to honor the holiday.

Lined up the gear- purple gatorades, CLIF bars for post-run refueling, super cool hydration belt (that's all mine), iPod.

Wrapped up my ankle. Old basketball injury. Didn't have the ball. Wasn't running. Fell down. Broke ankle. (Now do you believe that my new athleticism is a miracle??? 'Cause you should.)

Pre-race interview

Scenes from registration (We saw a sign for the master group- huh? Sounds serious.)

Donning my awesome race t-shirt and hydration belt. I was one of 2 runners wearing them. Apparently only Sarah the camel needs water on a 3 mile run.

Husband and I ready to rock the race!/just finish/not die.


We finished in 35:31 and 36:20! So proud of us, especially since the course was surprisingly hilly. Did not train on hills. Actually avoided hills during training. Whoops.

The Husband matched his shirt post race- just a friendly reminder from Sarah the camel to hydrate before/during/after cardio! Food helps, too.

Tennessee's is a fabulous BBQ joint in a strip mall. We both got pulled pork sandwiches. The Husband had smashed taters and cucumber salad on the salad, along with a fresh brewed Root Beer.

I had homestyle mac & cheese and collard greens alongside my meat sandwich.

Tired smiles for food!

On the ceiling, spelled out in bottle caps.

In the women's room at Tennessee's. Festive.

P.S. Our next 5K is Saturday, November 13th!

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  1. This is so wonderful! Wish I had someone to run with, maybe that would motivate me. Congrats on your first 5k, a huge accomplishment!
    Thespa Jones McLaughlin