Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Loaf

Nigella Lawson is a domestic goddess. I've long been a fan of the sassy Brit. She has an ease and a joy in the kitchen that I both envy and attempt to emulate. I have three of her cookbooks and I've read them each in their entirety. Too much love for Nigella or not enough? You decide.

Lazy loaf from Nigella Express is just that- real bread for lazy people. Kneeding and rising need not apply.

Nigella specified 2% milk, but I didn't have any. Unsweetened almond milk worked just fine for me. SAF yeast is well-respected for its dependable results and very easy to find at any grocery store.

Unsugared muesli is also required. I've tried many of Bob's Red Mill products and enjoyed them all. Dependable and again, easy to find. I'm no stranger to going to 4 different stores in a day for random ingredients, but I recognize that not everyone loves grocery shopping like I do.

Combine all the dry ingredients and stir to combine. Add the almond milk and mix. Nigella says the mixture will look like a thick porridge. She's right.

Grease a loaf pan and plop the dough inside. Smooth the dough out so it's even. One interesting note about this recipe is that you start it in a cold oven and then turn it on. This allows the dough to proof and rise a bit inside the oven.

Don't be fooled though- this is a not a light, airy bread. Some have complained that there's didn't rise at It's delicious. Eat it. If you want a cream puff, make some profiteroles.

Nigella said this would take 45 minutes at 225 and then 1 hour at 350. Mine really took about an hour and a half at 350.

The husband has some issues with patience. We're working on them...slowly. Perhaps less delicious food would help?

Serving suggestion: a slice of Lazy Loaf, broiled as I threw the toaster out in a fit of rage one day, topped with butter and served alongside some gently scrambled eggs.

Find the recipe here:
Lazy Loaf from Nigella Lawson's Nigella Express

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