Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The green grass grows all around

 Even though Sam is only 3 months old, I decided it was time that he get used to the great outdoors.  His first camping trip is scheduled for August!  Here's hoping he likes dirt and decides to sleep through the night- God bless the other campers, in advance, for putting up with a noisy baby.


 Sam oversaw my weeding efforts and Gilligan helped clean up the weeds by throwing them around the yard.

Our poor, neglected garden.  Between the heat and the infant, it's hard a rough go this summer. 

Sam worked on his core strength while Gilligan gazed longingly at all the flowers he wanted to trample. His on backyard probation since he ripped Nick's thriving grapevine out of the ground.  Naughty doggie. 

I was clearly more amused than Sam by our backyard adventures. 

Found out, rather quickly, that someone is not amused by the hose.  So we sat on it instead.  Take that, hose!

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