Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pedal power

At the end of May I conquered a half marathon. That deserves it's own post, but alas, the husband has all the sweaty pictures on his camera.

After running 179 miles in 4.5 months, I was toast. My hips were shot, my feet were aching, and I was tired of strapping on my spandex to prance around town. new bike! I loved being so active for so many months- just needed a change of pace and something a little more forgiving to my pore battered joints. My husband and in-laws went in together to get me this kick ass Trek. It's a hybrid commuter bike- not trail ready but definitely prepared to deal with the pothole-a-rific urban terrain of our town.

Mine's the blue one. It's for women. You can tell this because it's decorated in swirly text and curlicues. No, I'm not kidding.

We took the scenic route to the Cape Cod canal. Saw a gaggle (family) o' geese crossing a rotary- people actually stopped to let them cross! Wonders never cease.

We stopped in Plymouth and had steamers + salad (me) + clam chowder (Nick) at The Lobster Hut. Slurpy goodness.

We parked at Scusset Beach and took off. I decided to master the art of taking pictures while riding. First shot- not so good.

Ahh, much better. Side note- we are sans helmet because this is a dedicated bike/walk/job/rollerblade path. Normally Sarah Seatbelts always wears a helmet, but sometimes she throws caution to the wind. And by sometimes, I mean only when there are no cars around.

View of the trail.


Blurry backwards shot of Nick. We were probably fake racing each other.

Seagull mural! Not a huge fan of seagulls (one ate my Kraft American cheese single when I was 5 at Mustang Beach in Corpus Christi, TX- bastard!), but I dig the themed decorations on the trail.

RV park along the trail- we did some trailer scoping. There are some pretty sweet rigs out there.

Sometimes you need a little help- tow boat to the rescue!

Nick said this is a railroad bridge. The bridge part lowers down when a train comes by so it can pass the canal. The wonders of architecture!

At the end of trail, you can get off and explore Buzzards Bay.

I spotted this shop from across the parking lot. I have a sixth sense for frozen dairy.

I had a small cone of Coffee Heath frozen yogurt. Wish I could say it tasted like coffee. It really just tasted brown. Nick had some unpictured but awesome mocha peanut butter ice cream. I snagged a bite or two.

We even stumbled upon an SEIU family fun day for home health workers and met a vice president for SEIU who works with the same health care system as I do. Small world!

Antiques, anyone?

After our snack stop, we pedaled back toward the car. The entire trail is about 8 miles, end to end. I didn't want to stop (biking is SO much more than running!!) so we went all the way to the beach.

Two thumbs up for biking!

Up next- Gilligan gets a puppy trailer (no, I'm not kidding. It's ordered and coming this week!!). The ultimate head out of the window experience for the world's silliest labradoodle coming soon to a blog near you!

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  1. I bought a hybrid bike last summer, equipped with luggage rack and leopard print bell! Its pretty sweet. Enjoy your sweet purchase. I look forward to seeing pictures of Gilligan.